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Thursday; May 12, 2022

8:30am – 12:00pm

Gartner has recently put Knowledge Graphs at the top of the AI hype cycle. One way or another the Knowledge Graph paradigm implemented in Graph Databases are coming to Enterprises now. This presentation will start with an overview of Graph Databases and how they differ from traditional / relational databases. We will differentiate the two major types of graph databases (Labeled Property Graphs and RDF Triple Stores). We will work through demos of Graph based applications, and show how they can be queried and updated and what model driven development looks like. From there we will work through use cases and how to get started with this paradigm.

In this session, audience will be exposed to:

• Understand the basic structure of Graph Databases
• Understand how a Graph Database differs from a Warehouse or Data Lake
• Know how to spot use cases that can most benefit from the graph approach


Dave McComb is the President of Semantic Arts. In 2000 he co-founded Semantic Arts with the aim of bringing semantic technology to Enterprises. From 2000- 2010 Semantic Arts focused on ways to improve enterprise architecture through ontology modeling and design. Around 2010 Semantic Arts began helping clients more directly with implementation, which led to the use of Knowledge Graphs in Enterprises. Semantic Arts has conducted over 100 successful projects with a number of well know firms including Morgan Stanley, Electronic Arts, Amgen, Standard & Poors, Schneider-Electric, MD Anderson, the International Monetary Fund, Procter & Gamble, Goldman Sachs as well as a number of government agencies. Dave is the author of Semantics in Business Systems (2003), which made the case for using Semantics to improve the design of information systems, Software Wasteland (2018) which points out how application-centric thinking has led to the deplorable state of enterprise systems and The Data-Centric Revolution (2019) which outlines a alternative to the application-centric quagmire.
Prior to founding Semantic Arts he was VP of Engineering for Velocity Healthcare, a dot com startup that pioneered the model driven approach to software development. He was granted three patents on the architecture developed at Velocity. Prior to that he was with a small consulting firm: First Principles Consulting. Prior to that he was part of the problem.

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