DAMA Phoenix presents a panel discussion with Debbie Christofferson, Dr. Rebecca Wynn, Deb Bond, Joe Vadakkan, and Kim Jones


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Thursday; April 6, 2023

8:00am – 12:00pm





With the ever-increasing trend of microservices architecture, data is more distributed (on-prem, cloud, SaaS) than ever with a greater attack surface and greater risk of data privacy and security violations which can cause serious legal, financial, and reputational risk. In this session we will learn about emerging best practices and new techniques and technologies to ensure data trust, privacy, and data security.


Leading the Way to Intersect Data, Privacy, and Security, While Managing Enterprise Risk
Data, privacy, security and compliance all overlap for organizations. There is synergy to be gained, to manage risks and resources, in most any business, that is subject to local and global regulatory requirements, while also protecting company secrets, and privacy and security of data and systems.

Automation, policy management, security and privacy strategy, and looking at transformation opportunities all fit the bill. We must manage user and client data, while meeting privacy and regulatory requirements, and also meeting business needs. It requires us to balance data quality with business and technology initiatives and deployments, and also managing digital emerging technologies. We’re almost performing a high wire act as we work to pull all these factions together!


The featured speaker will lead us right into a panel that explores these topics further.

Leadoff Speaker: Dr. Rebecca Wynn
Moderator: Debbie Christofferson
Panelist: Deb Bond
Panelist: Joe Vadakkan
Panelist: Kim Jones


Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Cybersecurity Strategist, Data Privacy & Risk Management, and Host of the “Soulful CXO Podcast”. Served executive security, privacy and audit roles at leading edge organizations and helping them restructure for successful security, privacy and risk management of the teams, infrastructure, processes, system controls and playbooks. Supported DevSecOps, COSO based platforms, and security audit programs, across multiple industry verticals. Engineering expertise and experienced writer and author. Security+, CASP, and CISSP Bootcamp Instructor.




Debbie Christofferson, CISSP, CISM, CCSK
Debbie’s 30 years in the cybersecurity industry include an early foundation in IT, and senior security manager roles across the globe. She knows security from the ground up. She shares her expertise through strategic consulting and workshops. Ms. Christofferson’s core competence includes security strategy and leadership, and holistic risk management for any organization. She is also a published author, workshop leader, a training content author, and industry speaker. Following a long career in corporate leadership, Debbie started her own consulting practice. She serves the International Board for the Information Systems Security Association and makes significant contributions to the industry in this group and others locally. Debbie is a published in a book that showcases Women in Security.



Deb Bond
Security Manager, Engineer, Analyst and Audit experience. Manager of Information Security Governance and Compliance, Information Technology Consultant, Information Security Officer, and Audit Manager and Audit Assurance. PCI and SOC1/SOC2 expert. PCI-QSA certified auditor/consultant. Client facing skills to articulate business requirements and solutions to protect their core business. Compliance audits and risk assessments. Startup CISO with a major wireless provider, brought in to build a compliance and information security program, and be the face of security, governance and compliance for the business, including third party vendor risk management and security project management. Worked with many large Fortune 500 organizations to support and improve their security and compliance posture, including identity and access management roles, and those for databases and SDLC. Master’s Degree in Information System Management.



Joe Vadakkan
Joe is an industry leader in the convergence of the network, cloud, security and data. He brings more than 20 years of experience in global infrastructure and security. Technical, business and strategic services leadership are his forte. Joe is a demonstrated transformational cybersecurity industry leader with a track record of scaling functions for growth and profitability, in a quick moving business environment. He’s a Global Executive Vice President in the cloud security space for sales and engineering, in the service provider arena. Joe is an expert in cloud and also leads as President of our local Cloud Security Alliance Southwest Chapter.




Kim Jones is a 35-year intelligence, security, and risk management professional. A former CSO and CISO who has built and managed programs various industry verticals, Kim is also the principal architect of one of the cybersecurity degree programs at Arizona State University. He currently serves as the Director of Performance Acceleration (CyberCRAFT) at Intuit. Kim is a graduate of West Point and a former Army intelligence officer. He is a Lecturer with the University of California Berkeley; Affiliated Faculty with Boise State University; and an instructor with SANS. He also serves on the RSA Conference Advisory Board Member.


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