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DAMA Phoenix Events for 2024

April 4, 2024 JSON Schema Modeling and Document Databases
JSON is now the de-facto data representation format for most applications, messaging, and data services. JSON Schema provides the capability to ensure that JSON documents conform with a known schema to help ensure data quality and to provide some separation of concern between developers and data architects where the latter are creating the schema. Often these JSON documents are stored as-is in a document database such as MongoDB for long term storage of messages/documents.
Darrell Teague
June 18, 2024 Styles of Data Governance
There are different schools of thought about how data governance programs should be initiated, built, and managed. For example, should data governance be a formal or informal function, what is the proper mix of business and technical stakeholder representation, are there separate organizations or a single (e.g., data governance board and data stewardship committee(s))? The speaker will provide criteria for determining the best approach for implementing data governance at your organization, how to measure efficacy of data governance efforts, and common roadblocks to be aware of.
Peter Aiken
August, 2024 Data Management and AI/ML Part 2
This session will build upon last year’s session of this topic, to help data management professionals more deeply understand AI/ML to understand how AI/ML can be leverage to achieve real business benefits (i.e., real-world business use cases), how AI/ML can benefit from a solid data architecture and data management practices in place, and how AI can be leveraged to support data management. We will have a speaker who will also chair a panel discussion where local DAMA members can present on how they are using AI/ML in their organizations.
November, 2024 Cloud Data Architecture
Data architecture has changed from an often-centralized approach to a highly -distributed cloud driven approach where data may be spread across multiple-clouds or hybrid on-prem/cloud architectures, using a wide variety of modeling paradigms (relational, document, key value pair, graph, etc.) and technologies. In this session, we will discuss modern cloud native approaches to data architecture and their impact on data governance, management, and security.

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