DAMA Phoenix Presents Solomon Williams


Webinar (Details to be sent day before session to all registrants)


Tuesday June 23 2020

8:30 – 12:00 Noon:  Big Data Modernization



Information volumes are exploding. The amount of information collected from internal systems and business partners is growing in volume, velocity and variety….And with the growth in variety, comes an exponential growth in volume and velocity.  This dependent cycle is a key driver in evolving or modernizing the big data platform.  In order to optimize the curation of data and make more efficient the processing of dissimilar data streams, a strategy for big data modernization is required.  In this session we will examine big data modernization drivers, building out a strategy for accomplishing big data modernization, and an overview of some of the tools available such as Hadoop and Cloud Data Warehouses.



Solomon is a trusted partner in delivering business strategies and transformations by developing innovative approaches driven by data & analytics.  For over 25 years, this focus has established a record of accomplishment in multiple industries including Insurance, Financial Services, Oil & Gas, Transportation & Logistics, Manufacturing, Hospitality & Gaming, and Telecom.
Solomon has architected and delivered numerous projects, published articles, and whitepapers on Business Strategy, Enterprise Data Management, Digital Strategy, and Transformations, Advanced Analytics, Data Privacy, and Regulatory Compliance. Solomon is also a conference fixture as a speaker, and facilitator; responsible for creating business strategies and implementation plans that define how to best leverage data, analytics, and technology investments to enable an organization’s overall business strategy. Utilizing knowledge of best practices in the areas of enterprise data management, enterprise architecture, governance, organization structure and staffing to maximize the strategy value developed for our clients.


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