DAMA Phoenix Presents Todd Borchert




Thursday March 12 2020

8:30 – 12:00 Noon:  Feeding the Machine: Big Data AI/ML – Turning Insights into Action



“Artificial Intelligence is the new electricity.” – Andrew Ng

Electricity is at the heart of modern technology. It is used to power equipment and illuminate
your surroundings. AI acts in the same way with data. Just as electricity organizes electrons into
power, AI organizes data to reveal the fascinating secrets hidden in data.

Data is now considered by many the world’s most valuable resource. However, data alone does
not drive business value. It is just a resource. In this talk, you will be given a nontechnical
overview of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science. We’ll explore the
different facets of an AI/ML development project and how we take data and turn it into
knowledge and then action. We’ll take an introductory look at:

  • how businesses use data
  • the new demands on data infrastructure
  • a tour of basic AI/ML techniques from computer science and statistics
  • a summary of the tools involved
  • how these techniques are applied and the amazing results they achieve
You will walk away from this talk with an understanding of AI and machine learning. You will
pick up the language of the data scientist and how to engage with them. Overall, you will gain
insight into the fascinating world of AI/ML and discover the tools that are transforming data
into business value.



Todd Borchert, the Director of Data Science Services, has over 30 years of progressive leadership roles in advanced analytics and building large scale databases. He currently leads the Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Center of Excellence at CenturyLink. The AI/ML CoE is tasked with helping transform the company using data, advanced analytics and automation. Also, in his tenure at CenturyLink he has led numerous advanced analytics and big data projects for Managed Services in the Healthcare, Retail, e-commerce, Manufacturing and Telecommunications Industries.
Previously he started, built, and led the advanced analytics teams at Sports Authority and Petsmart. In these roles he was responsible for developing and implementing the predictive analytics strategies for the marketing, loyalty, and merchandising organizations as well as developing the databases to support those strategies.
In prior roles he has extensive Loyalty and Marketing Analytics experience across Retail, Financial Services, Media/Publishing, Direct Marketing and High Tech. Todd has a B.A. in Mathematics from Grinnell College and a M.S. degree in Statistics from Iowa State University.


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