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Thursday, November 5 2020

8:30 – 10:30:  In (Meta)Data We Trust: Data Catalogs at the Center of an Effective Standards, Regulatory Compliance, and Privacy Approach



Data governance is difficult. It takes sustained efforts coordinated across many stakeholders, all moving towards a shared vision. It’s a marathon!
Too often, data governance efforts fall apart in the last mile by failing to connect to the rest of the business in a meaningful way. This is not because what data governance does is unimportant – in fact, establishing key artifacts like standards, regulatory compliance, and privacy policies has never been more important!
Nevertheless, data governance often fails because the efforts being made to create these artifacts fail to completely connect to the people and business processes data governance intends to serve.
Enter the Data Catalog. This is a place where many Data Governance activities can connect to the rest of the business. The Data Catalog provides a clearinghouse of insights about data, including policies and standards, data definitions, lineage, owners and stewards, compliance, privacy, and all the technical metadata you can shake a stick at!
This crucial information hub should become a well-integrated complement to the operations of your organization—and if it isn’t today, come to this presentation to learn how to make it so!
Key points include:

  • Establishing a Data Catalog as the foundation of standards, regulatory compliance, and privacy efforts
  • How a Data Catalog fits into your existing data architecture
  • Which capabilities matter most in the early days 
  • Establishing a beachhead to build from
  • Taking it to the streets: gaining broad adoption of your Data Catalog 
  • Creating long-term sustainability in the enhancement, support, and usage of your Data Catalog



Anthony J. Algmin is not only a pioneer of data leadership, he wrote and published the very first book on the subject: Data Leadership: Stop Talking About Data and Start Making an Impact! 
Additionally, he is the Founder of Algmin Data Leadership, LLC (ADL), a company helping businesses transform their future with data leadership. Offerings include speaking, training, and coaching services. ADL’s Data Value Guidebook provides organizations with the direction to build momentum in their data leadership journey.
Anthony has led data transformations in many industries, serving as a project manager, data architect, and Chief Data Officer. Anthony has a bachelor’s degree from Illinois Wesleyan University and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management. In collaboration with DATAVERSITY, Anthony travels the country as one of their most dynamic and popular speakers. Anthony lives with his wife and three children in suburban Chicago.


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