Our Privacy Promise to You

By choosing DAMA International, the DAMA Foundation, and the Phoenix DAMA Chapter (hereafter referred to as “DAMA Phoenix”), you have expressed confidence in our ability to serve you. We take this responsibility seriously and diligently safeguard your personal information.

  • We do not sell personal information. DAMA Phoenix is committed to protecting the information of prospective, current and former members as described in this Privacy Promise
  • Your Information is confidential. DAMA Phoenix’s Code of Ethics requires that member information be held in strict confidence. We will not pass your information on to any third party except as explained in the section, Your Right to Limit Use of Your Information.
  • We protect your information. DAMA Phoenix will take all reasonable and appropriate steps to protect and secure this information from unauthorized access or disclosure.

Read the Complete DAMA International & Phoenix DAMA Chapter Privacy Policy

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