DAMA Phoenix Presents Donavon Gooldy


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Thursday September 24 2020

8:30 – 12:00 Noon:  Business Architecture – Unifying Data Architecture and Data Governance Through Modeling



This session will give the data modeler/architect a set of practical tools and insights, through example
and demonstration, necessary to transform engineering practice to the architectural discipline found in business architecture modeling. In doing so, the modeler discovers the nexus between Data Architecture and Data Governance, defined by the business architecture.
Business architecture is the pattern of business/commerce activity, that is established by an
organization’s business processes. This detailed pattern is one of business Actors, engaging, according to the organizations Contracts/Agreements, in Transactions utilizing the organization’s Assets, with the results of those business activities captured in the Events of the business processes.
All business questions and data consumption are in response to the business architecture.
Since data is the media by which we answer these business questions, the data architect should seek to understanding, necessary to define and structure business data to emulate this pattern through data modeling. In so doing, the natural foundation is formed on which Data Governance and Data
Architecture are unified to one another.
But today’s Data and Analytics Marketplace so focuses on technology and technology solutions, that it
has little or no recognition that this business pattern even exists.
When we model the business architecture, we model data’s unambiguous context to its business function, its functional specialization, or to business event. We give data the much richer context by describing it practical association in the broader business architecture. By so modeling we create the unified architectural foundation necessary for unified and efficient Data Architecture and Data
This session presents by numerous examples and live demonstration the following:

  • The model must be a structured, functional narrative of the business architecture
  • Why modeling the business architecture is NOT like the typical ELDM or Canonical models
  • The power and “life” given to the model by business process events
  • The Business Architecture Model as foundation for Data Governance
    • How narrative base modeling eliminates data ambiguity, substantially improving Data Glossary definition
    • Illustrating specialization/contextual rules and value domains – their intersection with data quality
    • Organizing Data Stewardship around true business function
  • Creating analytic perspectives in the Business Architecture Model
    • Organization of data into information architecture
  • The Business Architecture Model as foundation for Data Architecture 
    • Live demo moving from Business Architecture Model to Solution Model then Physical Database Model in minutes
    • Proving your Data Architecture aligns with business architecture, with Data Governance and supports MVP



Donavon Gooldy is a consultant with 30+ years’ experience, enabling businesses by aligning business data and information with business need. During that carrier he has served clients through Knightsbridge Solutions, Hewlett Packard, Clarity Insights and Accenture.
As a thought leader, he advocates that each business is operated as a unique business architecture pattern established by its business process. This business architecture is the source of all of the organization’s business questions and information needs. Understanding the business architecture allows us to align data naturally, to serve those needs. And this pattern is the foundation that unifies the organization’s data architecture with its Data Governance.
Don has extensive experience with Healthcare Payers, Financial Services, Telco and Insurance, as well as illustrating the narratives of those business architectures. He leads his organizations internal Business Architecture based Industry Model program as well as its Data Architecture training program.
You can find his articles related to data architecture and business alignment on LinkedIn.


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